KEY HANGER, seal leather

220 kr

Dimensions: 2 x 10 cm
Ring diameter: 3 cm
Color: black

Key hanger in seal leather with a unique structure. The ring is in stainless steel. The keychain suits both men and women.

Sealskin used in our products is from a sustainable Inuit source and imported to EU from Greenland according to regulations.

SEJR accessories are manufactured in our workshop in Denmark.

Maintenance / Care instructions:
Leather is a natural material and should be treated with care. Avoid exposing the leather to water as much as possible. This helps prevent the slight discoloration that might occur on rare occasions. 

To protect the leather, it is recommended to regularly treat with a leather care product. This will improve the leather’s resistance to moisture and dirt and thereby prolong the life of your SEJR item.

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