Sejr Copenhagen is a slow fashion brand, with the purpose to create fashionable design items that serves as a companion for life,
whether it’s a bag, clutch or wallet.

The materials used in the Sejr Copenhagen items are carefully selected and most importantly sustainable. 
Most of our leather items are made of robust and flexible leather from free-ranging cattle in the Andes Mountains 2500 meters above sea level.
Their type of skin is known for its outstanding quality, as a result of the chilly air and no insect bites.

Until recently many of our bags have been made of Colombian Vaqueta leather. It’s vegetable tanned in a gentle manner, except in the very first preservation process where chromium is used. The lining in these bags is made of locally woven cotton. We are pleased to announce, that it’s possible now to develop 100% vegetable Vaqueta leather, and that’s the only one we use now and looking forward.

The lining is now also locally woven from recycled cotton, and the mounts are moulded in recycled brass. The handles on most of our bags were and are still made of saddle leather, which is also vegetable tanned.

We are grateful for this improvement in the making of the leather materials, as it supports our mission to do our best to do good.

Our products are made of open-pored leather and coated with oil, which means the oil is drawn in to the material and well preserved. This strengthens the durability and enhances the leather’s natural, deep glow and texture. And as leather is an organic material constantly evolving, every design item is genuinely unique – and it will remain unique as it continues to change through the course of time.

The collections of accessories and small leather goods are handcrafted in our workshop in Denmark, and are available in a variety of Nordic leather materials from salmon, sealskin and reindeer skin, as well as exotic stingray.