Sejr Copenhagen is a Danish design company founded in 2009 by wife and husband, Birgitte Sejrsen and Peter Aaholm. 
The dream of creating elegant designs in leather, and introducing them to the world resulted in establishing Sejr Copenhagen.
This made Birgitte and Peter partners in business as in life.

A partnership in which Birgitte is the head designer of all Sejr Copenhagen creations, and Peter supports in every way needed to market Sejr Copenhagen -
making it possible for everyone else to see the creative talent that he sees in his wife.

All of the Sejr Copenhagen creations, from bags to accessories, are designed in Birgitte’s design studio, in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Surrounded by a breath taking natural environment, Birgitte is inspired by nature to use quality, raw and sustainable natural leather materials in a simple yet stylish manner.

Birgitte studied at the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion & Design, in Denmark, which refined her craft and design concept. Before embarking on the Sejr Copenhagen journey, Birgitte worked as a forensic odontologist. In many ways, a completely different field, but in some ways, there are similarities: specifically the profound attention to detail.

You will experience this distinct uniqueness as a consistent and delicate element throughout all the Sejr Copenhagen collections.