Sejr Copenhagen's mission is to create a timeless design for any occasion. Only natural materials of highest quality are used, that are made to last. Year after year.

Sejr products are primarily made in small workshops in Colombia and the Philippines, where head designer Birgitte Sejrsen regularly stays and works with the staff. Recently, Sejr has opened its own leather workshop in Denmark where part of our accessories are now manufactured. This is why we can guarantee that our designs are always produced under the best conditions and receive all the love and care, that a Sejr product deserves.

Like our manufacturers, all materials are carefully selected. The majority of our leather bags and purses are made of cowhide from South American free-range cattle, while the main component of our jewelry is the light and hypoallergenic metal, titanium. In much of our jewelry and accessories, fish skin from salmon and stingray among others as well as sealskin and reindeer hide are integrated. These are decorative, durable and sustainable materials that in our opinion deserve attention.

With a Sejr product in your hand you know that you are holding a stylish Danish design of highest quality, produced under the best conditions.

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